A Waste of Your Time.

This is a rant. If you don’t want to hear it than fuck off it’s not for you it’s for me. I’m going to rant because I’m pissed about the lack of intelligence of my fellow man. Fucking idiots everywhere I go. For every intelligent person that steps into my circumference of existence there is usually another 10 drop dead fucking morons. Most of the people I interact with live their life in a fucking fog. I should call it a dream actually, there is no life in these people. Completely oblivious to everything around them, basically the walking dead. Than theres the angry people, the ones always in a rush, rushing towards… what? Shit, I don’t know why there even is a 5 o clock rush hour. Seriously why is everyone rushing at top speed to get home? To park their fat ass on the couch so they don’t miss the start of their favorite tv show or whatever? It can’t wait an extra 30 seconds to a minute which is probably the amount of time you’ll save by cutting people off and tailgating every person who is going slightly slower than you? Oh wait, yes you have a career and your busy. You work 10 to 12 hours a day and have 3 kids. Trying to give them a better life than you had I get it. Wait… what? let’s consider that logic for a moment. You spend most of your waking and coherent hours working.. so that when you get home you can care for your child now that your totally drained from work? So.. a better life for children is one in which they have tons of material possessions but no parents home to care for them? I think that’s pretty fucked up.

I have no faith in humanity. Nobody cares about interesting shit anymore. Society is driven by a few intelligent and or corrupt motherfuckers who lead everybody else, i.e. the mindless sheep. I don’t know why people don’t find a hobby or a skill, most of the people I talk to are only interested in the weekend where they get to pay upwards of $80 to drink themselves into a coma and forget everything by the time they wake up. Fuck. Wheres the drive? Wheres the enthusiasm? Why is it so hard to find people interested in learning new things, achieving awesome shit or just hanging out with friends while not drinking ourselves to a coma? Are we all so busy? Or is it that nobody really gives a shit about social interaction outside of facebook/ shitfaced with a drink in their hand? This culture is too focused on cheap thrills and throw away possessions. Maybe it always was. I don’t know anything different. Maybe I’m the one that’s fucked while everyone else is normal. Wouldn’t be the first time I was told that and not by one person either.


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