Motivation part 2

Motivation is significantly affected by lifestyle factors. I am sure of this. Unless you have unusually strong willpower, a shitty lifestyle will get ya down. Sleep, nutrition, soreness and laziness (lack of will) are the main things that derail my train. There is a direct correlation between how well you control these factors and your motivation to exercise.

The problem with these factors is that they pay off later, not now.

This picture sums it up pretty good although it depends what you consider hard work. Example: Damn I know I should avoid mcdonalds because it will make me feel like garbage later but it’s sooooo good. I should get sleep now because it will giveĀ  me energy later but I am stuck in this trance on facebook and can’t seem to click the x in the corner. Likewise with going overboard lifting weights. If you strain too much you will be sore as fuck and this is going to affect how you feel later.

These factors can also be seen as limiting factors for achieving self-actualization or your ultimate potential. Think about it. Sleep affects tomorrows energy levels, nutrition affects tomorrows (or today) metabolic rate, energy levels and long-term health and soreness affects the consistency at which you can lift. There is no doubt more factors than these but these are the ones that I find affect me most often.

Sleep is the one that I have the most problems with and it affects everything else. If you are tired you will not have energy, you will not grow strong as quickly, heal as quickly, make good food choices (tired people like sugary snacks) and it negatively affects your willpower. Anyone ever heard that “knowledge will set you free”? It is 100% true. But knowledge is not enough! I have heard people quote GI Joe that “Knowing is half the battle”. It is NOT. Action is all the battle! Knowing is shit that you do before you start the battle. It is totally up to you whether you take control of your strength training and use the knowledge you have acquired. Get sleep, eat real food, don’t lift like a gym idiot and motivation will follow. But you need the willpower to set the wheels in motion. Without willpower you, me, everyone is destined to fail.


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