Biofeedback and Musculoskeletal Longevity

One of the reasons I feel that biofeedback is important is the long-term health of you musculoskeletal system. If you train with great effort with focus on pulverizing your muscles to encourage growth I think you are making a grave mistake that you will likely pay for later rather than now.

In my last post I wrote about the tissue system and how tissue irregularities will form from abuse. Well abuse from exercise will also create tissue irregularities. Most people are familiar with scar tissue, it forms on skin wounds during the healing process but usually remains after the healing is complete and is left as a reminder of the incident that caused it. Muscles and fascia are no different. Scar tissue is formed inside muscles and fascia when they sustain significant muscle damage due to intense exercise. There is evidence of this from electron microscope pictures or whatever the fuck its called that were taken after intense exercise and showed severe damage to muscle cells. Scar tissue acts as a cast to prevent the muscle from being re-injured during the healing process. This makes sense as muscle fibers are elastic and if damaged they would pull apart and make for a tricky healing process. Consider your bones for example, broken bones don’t heal so well if they are not properly aligned and immobilized after the break.

Now, we know that scar tissue does not simply disappear after the injury is healed (think scars on your skin), so basically we get a build up of scar tissue inside the muscle and fascia, limiting the function of these tissues and making them less elastic. There are of course many reasons why people may lose fluency of movement as they age but by training like a master by avoiding excessive tension and making all training look easy, I think that it could be a huge step in the right direction.


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