My View of the World of Fitness

Thing are about to get real philosophical, real fast in here. So for all you people who have no imaginative ability, click the back button right the fuck off this page.

Fitness, sport, exercise call it whatever you want it all means the same thing to me. Basically partaking in an activity centered around physical exertion for the goal of achieving something personal to you. I like to think of it as a mountain field. Some mountains are taller than others, some go into the clouds and you can’t quite see their summit. Some are smooth and straightforward while others are perilous. Anyone who fucks around in this mountain field is trying to get to the top of any particular mountain. Some climb their mountain faster than others and some abandon their current mountain in pursuit of a mountain they deem more worthy. Some conquer many different mountains in their time in the mountain field while others may lose their way and take a wandering path to the top of their mountain. There are of course some people who run around at the bottom as if they have blindfolds on, while others are on a mission and don’t take shit from anyone. (Chuck Norris anyone?).

The mountains are of course different sports, track and field shit, weight lifting, gymnastics. The dude brehs who lift once or twice a week to pump themselves before they hit the club or lift occasionally purely to look pretty are the guys running around aimlessly with blindfolds on. This is kinda how I view the fitness world. It’s got a few holes I know, but I like it.



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