Bending Nails

You may be wondering why anyone would want to bend nails. Sounds pretty ridiculous when you first hear it. It is done with wraps ranging from a washcloth to full out leather to prevent damage to the hands and skin. I want to do this because nail bending is very challenging and I think will have awesome effects on my body. So far I have been bending for a month and I have noticed that joints like my elbows and wrist had a lot of catching up to do with my chest and back. They have since healed and feel stronger than ever. It stresses your chest and lats mostly but because the power is transferred through your wrists it makes them strong as hell. I gotta say that since I’ve started my other lifts have been improving as well. Maybe a result of bending or just a coincidence but it’s what I observe.

I have set a goal to bend a 60 penny nail, which at the moment seems impossible and I think is a worthy achievement.

A 60 penny nail is 6″ long and 1/4″ thick and is considered somewhat of a standard in the nail bending world. It stops most people dead in their tracks. At this point in my training I can bend 4″ by 3/16″ cold rolled steel and am doing around 20 at a time. I can do this underhand, overhand and kink it in reverse style. I think when these small nails get too easy I’ll just try to find some 7″ bolts and see if I can bend those. Hopefully I can do a 60 penny by this time. Otherwise I’m outta ideas for now.

60 penny nails are pretty rank as you can see.


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