Biofeedback Training and How To Use It

In the past year Ive been training with a particular philosophy in mind. That is to train using my body’s biofeedback systems. What in the hell is this guy talking about, right? Well I’ll explain. By performing a “test” I can decide whether or not a particular movement is going to benefit me or not on a training day. Suppose You want to train overhead press, so to test that movement what I do is the toe touch test.

1. Bend over to touch your toes and stretch until you just begin to feel tension. That is tension anywhere, like hamstring, calves, lower back, shoulders. Now remember the spot where you began to feel tension.

2. Perform the desired movement for a set. If you want to do high reps and lower weight, then do a set with high reps and lower weight. Same with if you want to train heavy, do the movement with heavy weight.

3. Do the toe touch again. If your ROM without tension increases, then you sir have found an a movement that will yield better results on that training day. If it decreases then you should test either a different variation of the movement you just tested or try something else.

There is a huge number of variations to choose from. To give you an idea just think of the overhead press. You can be standing or seated. You can use a barbell, dumbbell or kettlebell. On the barbell you can change hand position from narrow to wide. You can change your leg stance to staggered, straight, wide, narrow if you are standing. With a dumbbell or kettle bell you can do one arm presses. Your imagination is pretty much the limit.

The toe touch isn’t the only test. There is a way to use a gripper device where you measure changes in grip strength that I don’t know much about because the toe touch works fine. The test isn’t always necessary either, sometimes I just know what I want to do and when I do the movement it feels good and I feel like i have strength and power. If I do decide to do the test on these days it only confirms what I already knew.

You have probably never heard of this idea before and are probably pretty skeptical about it. But you should first try it yourself and explore the idea before you simply hit the back button with the first impression that this guy doesn’t know whats going on. The rewards are great if you use biofeedback in your training. Like fewer injuries, better strength gains and the awesomeness of never really having a shitty work-out. Ya that qualifies as great.


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